Design. Create. Decorate.

Design. Create. Decorate.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Halloween! Quince Cottage Goes Wonderfully Witchy!

Hope we didn't scare you (much)! Halloween is our favorite holiday-we even chose it for our wedding. Dressing up in costume, eating lots of candy...what's not to like?
As you might expect, we love Halloween decorating and have accumulated a fair amount of "stuff" over the years. But, with each move, we've pared away a few things that we no longer like quite as much, and we find new ways to style our displays.
I think this might be the best year yet!
Of course there are lots of pumpkins, real and "faux". I painted some of the fake ones white.

Fake white pumpkin © Rhiann Wynn-Nolet
That woven paisley is an antique Victorian wrap we got in New Hampshire quite a few years ago. Moths have made inroads, but if we fold the fabric a certain way, it looks just as brilliant and perfect as the day it was made.

Here's a macro of the buffet, with bats!

© Rhiann Wynn-Nolet

And naturally we did our mantel.

© Rhiann Wynn-Nolet
Here's a close up of the left side, crystal balls and cobwebs y'all...
© Rhiann Wynn-Nolt
And here's the right. Notice something in the mirror? Pretty nifty Dollar Store "ghost", don't you think? What should we name her?

© Rhiann Wynn-Nolet

And we Halloweened up our foyer. Like our new verb? Thought you would...

© Rhiann Wynn-Nolet
There's a tablescape in our family room. That skull raised a few eyebrows at London's Gatwick airport when we went through Security. The skeleton figure is from Marie Leveau's shop in New Orleans. The head in the cage is a plaster cast of a sculpture Rhiann did at the Museum of Fine Arts School in Boston. His name is Charlie. He scares the bejeepers out of our older daughter.

© Rhiann Wynn-Nolet
Here it is at night with the little battery-powered votives.

© Rhiann Wynn-Nolet
Oh, here's an extra little treat for you...some Halloween costumes we've worn over the years.
One year Rhiann was dead Lucrezia Borgia, misunderstood medieval poisoner, and Ron was dead Marquis de Sade.

Marquis de Sade and Lucrezia Borgia

Here's our little one as a mime several years ago.

Mime © Rhiann Wynn-Nolet

We still think this corn muffin costume might be the best one ever. It was Little One's suggestion, because corn muffins were one of the few foods she ate at that time. Big One was a lady vampire. A few years later, she developed a Twilight obsession. Hmm...

Lady Vampire & Corn Muffin © Rhiann Wynn-Nolet

Here's Daisy.
Daisy as Mulan © Rhiann Wynn-Nolet

She wasn't the least bit on board with the costume idea. She was plotting her revenge-you can see it in her eyes.

She's equally unimpressed with Halloween decorating.

Daisy © Rhiann Wynn-Nolet

Next time we'll share photos of our spooky-licious outdoor Halloween decor, assuming Hurricane Joaqin doesn't break our house.
Also, we're trying a pumpkin-apple bundt cake with caramel pecan glaze. If it turns out as good as it looks in the photos, we'll share the recipe.

Quince Cottage Style mixes old and new, rustic and opulent. Our goal is to make our new subdivision house look inviting and beautiful, and as though it wasn't born yesterday.

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